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Velcro Adjust

These shoes are satin and extremely adjustable with velcro. The velcro is adjustable in both the ankle strap and the area covering your foot allowing for a comfortable fit for your foot. These shoes are great for people who have trouble with shoes fitting normally or have swelling in ankles and feet from time to time. They come with the style A heel which is low with a lot of surface area to contact the floor for more balance and stability.

  1. Vel-B.A-001
    Style: Velcro Adjust Color: Black Heel: Type A Sizes Available In Stock: 6.5, 8, 11.5
  2. Vel-N.A-001
    Style: Velcro Adjust Color: Nude Heel: Style A Sizes Available in Stock: --SOLD OUT
  3. Vel-T.A-001
    Style: Velcro Adjust Color: Tan Heel: Type A Sizes availabe in stock: 10.5